Also today, GM in a statement that Bob Osborne, 54, group vice president and general counsel, will leave the automaker on July 20 and return to private practice. Burns, 58, will be replaced by Alan Taub. Larry Burns, General Motors vice president of Research and Development and Strategic Planning, demonstrates how to plug in a Chevy Volt on Capitol Hill in Washington. Chief among them was Vice Chairman Bob Lutz's decision at age 77 to cancel his planned retirement and stay on to steer marketing and communications. This talk was presented at an official TED conference, and was featured by our editors on the home page. ga('send', 'pageview'); Harris, who came out of retirement more than three years ago, will yield his job to Chris Preuss, 43, vice president in charge of General Motors Europe … GM said that beginning today, it is integrating its global r&d and product development operations. He was a member of GM’s top decision board and was responsible for advanced technology development, product portfolio planning, capacity planning and strategic planning. Burns is a major voice for the “reinvention of the automobile” and the diversification … Larry brings to Peloton a wealth of experience aligning transportation technology innovation with core business operations. Larry Burns: Former General Motors VP of R&D, Mobility Consultant for Google Inc.: Lawrence D. Larry Burns, a finalist for Design News' 2008 Engineer of the Year, is vice president of R&D and Strategic General Motors R&D Chief Larry Burns Sees 'Electric Drive' across Product Line | … Harris, 63, was asked to come out of retirement by former CEO Rick Wagoner in January 2006. Hy-wire is the latest step in General Motors’ reinvention of the automobile, with the help of revolutionary technologies such as fuel cell and by-wire by SKF. Read General Motors Stories and Board of Directors member profiles. Larry was for many years at General Motors serving as vice president of research and development and strategic planning. (i="msHidden",o="msvisibilitychange"):"undefined"!=typeof document.webkitHidden&&(i="webkitHidden",o="webkitvisibilitychange",a="webkitVisibilityState")},{}],6:[function(e,t,n){function r(e,t){var n=[],r="",o=0;for(r in e),r)&&(n[o]=t(r,e[r]),o+=1);return n}var i=Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty;t.exports=r},{}],7:[function(e,t,n){function r(e,t,n){t||(t=0),"undefined"==typeof n&&(n=e?e.length:0);for(var r=-1,i=n-t||0,o=Array(i<0?0:i);++r Burns served as General Motors Corporate Vice President of Research & Development and Planning from 1998-2009. The Sequel has GM's next-generation fuel cell power system and a 25-percent more powerful fuel cell stack that allows the Sequel to achieve a 300 … "hidden":"visible")}"addEventListener"in document&&o&&document.addEventListener(o,t,!1)}t.exports=r;var i,o,a;"undefined"!=typeof document.hidden? We’re talking today with Larry Burns, professor of engineering practice at the University of Michigan. Larry Burns: Autonomous Vehicles Won’t Happen In A Vacuum. While Burns' responsibilities were wide-ranging, he was known as an advocate for hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles. (Personal Urban … Harris, who came out of retirement more than three years ago, will yield his job to Chris Preuss, 43, vice president in charge of General Motors Europe communications. General Motors Vice President Research and Product Development Larry Burns stands with the hydrogen fuel cell powered Sequel concept vehicle Saturday, January 8, 2005 in the GM Experience Theater at the Detroit Auto Show. By Dave Versical and Dave Guilford- Automotive News. Those interested in the subject ought to pay heed as Burns, Burns also oversaw GM's alliance strategy in the early part of this decade, coordinating efforts with Fiat, Suzuki, Isuzu and Subaru parent Fuji Heavy Industries. Burns, 58, worked at GM for nearly 40 years, and has been the company’s representative to the USCAR Council since 1998, earning distinction as USCAR’s longest serving Council member. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. 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Stanford University. Larry Nitz Retired from General Motors South Lyon, Michigan 500+ connections. (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), General Motors, following through with plans to shake up management after exiting bankruptcy, said r&d chief Larry Burns and public relations boss Steve Harris will retire. But that's where Larry D. Burns, the 51-year-old vice president for planning and R&D for General Motors, recently briefed 50 retired GM executives on … Larry Burns, USCAR Council member and General Motors vice president of Research & Development and Strategic Planning, has announced his retirement. "),a=0;a