(Current NTU students seeking change of programme to other undergraduate programmes are to apply under StudentLINK.) Rejected from SMU, NTU, NUS or SUTD? 21 August 2020 for Semester 1 of Academic Year 2020-21). As the School is set up to train doctors for Singapore and Singaporeans, priority for admission will be given to Singaporeans. From AY2018 onwards, to graduate, students must complete two (2) categories of requirement, totalling at least 139 Academic Units (AUs): A new password will be forwarded to the email address you have provided in your online application form. Course Appeals Students who wish to appeal for GERPE/UE courses are required to apply through the Online Appeal System from Tuesday, 12 January 2021 – Thursday, 14 January 2021 (10.00am – 10.00pm daily). Note for Freshmen: Please submit your application directly to the Office of Admissions (OA) at adm_local@ntu.edu.sg or adm_intnl@ntu.edu.sg by Teaching Week 2 of your first semester of enrolment (i.e. Transfer students from other schools in NTU can seek exemptions and credit transfers for similar or relevant courses covered in their previous programme of study. NTU offers many programmes to suit your individual requirements. Let's make this a civil and vibrant place for open discussion! Similarly, once a course has NOT been placed under the S/U option, the repeat attempt(s) of the same course will also NOT fall under the S/U option. Appeal after the release of application outcome . Nanyang Technological University 50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798 Tel: (65) 67911744 review of course results) indicated on the back of the cheques. I thought it would be good to create one so we can consolidate all the comments into one post rather than creating multiple posts regarding appeals to university (NUS, NTU & SMU). Like Like 10. Nanyang Technological University North Spine NS3-01-03 50 Nanyang Avenue Singapore 639798. (updated 7 Jan 2020)If you need to apply for overload, course replacement, time table conflicts, final year project appeal...etc, please complete an Online CEE Course Approval Form via StudentLink - Academic Matters - Survey/Subject Options/FYP - Online CEE Course Approval Form You are still required to submit your final semester results as a proof that you have graduated from the diploma course. Here's what you can do to spice up your appeal and increase your chances of getting accepted. If you wish to appeal against the admission decision of NUS, you are required to submit an online appeal during the online appeal exercise in late May 2021. EEE Final Year Course Structure EEE Final Year Option IEM Final Year Course Structure Final Year Project ; Others. For example, if you want to transfer to Sociology, you’d need to get “HS1001 : Person and Society” ASAP!! Entrepreneurship at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Nanyang Technological University Taekwondo Club. Kindly Good luck! If there is, I apologise for the spam! Want to try again this year, a few concerns; no prior education (studied film in poly), a passing GPA of 3.31, application for NTU doesn't ask for work portfolio/testimonials and the only way to be recognised at all (to score a place for INTERVIEW) is through academic records. Know which courses are available in which semesters. However, if a student selects another course to replace the course that has been graded 'U', he is required to opt S/U again if he wishes to exercise S/U on the 'replacement' course. For certain schools in NTU, they have a pre-registration period where students can submit 5 choices of core and the school will make sure the students can get at least 1 after allocation. Hi Nishant, I’m sorry but I get a truckload of NTU enquiries like yours every year so to be fair to others, I cannot help you with the writing of the appeal letter. Appeals to register any outstanding course must be done through the Course Appeal Form. A: You may submit your appeal via online during the appeal period if you wish to change your offered programme. Critically acclaimed writers, both local and international, will work on a literary project of their own and teach creative writing courses in NTU. Step-by-Step Guide for Students using the Online Appeal System 3 4) Your name, matric number, NTU Webmail, contact number and school will be displayed. Nottingham Trent University policies and procedures for students. To graduate, students must complete 2 categories of requirements - Philosophy Major Requirements and General Education Requirements (GER), totaling 126 Academic Units (AUs). Appeals are reviewed independently and approved on a case-by-case basis. Registering for cores: Speed is of Essence. Eminent writers who have been in residence include Yeng Pway-Ngon(Singapore) and Su Wei-Chen(Taiwan). Prerequisites: approval by the Chair's Office. Its only available in Sem 1 AND it serves as a pre-requisite for almost all the other Sociology modules. Success rate wise, very very minimal esp if your gpa is subpar. Via cashier's order/bank draft made payable to 'Nanyang Technological University' and mailed to Office of Admissions; ... "Off" after you have received your appeal outcome or by end of August. MAE Club (NTU) NTUSU - Nanyang Technological University Students' Union. Course Exemption (Freshmen) Course Coordinators' List Cheques are to be made payable to 'Nanyang Technological University' with student's name, matriculation number, contact number and payment purpose (i.e. Applied last year and failed to get in. Returning National Servicemen Full-Time National Servicemen (NSF) with places already reserved in NTU and who wish to submit new applications may do so by applying under the respective groups. For enquires, email PS9888@ntu.edu.sg. Welcome to the 2021 Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) Online Appeal Portal for polytechnic full-time diploma and ITE Higher Nitec courses.Applicants who wish to make an appeal application may submit an appeal via this portal from 28 January 2021 (Thursday), 9.00 am to 2 February 2021 (Tuesday), 4.00 pm. Please note that there is strictly no appeal for these courses. The core courses equip students with a firm foundation in their two Majors. r/NTU: Subreddit for the NTU Singapore Community. Policies and procedures. You will see 45 AUs reflected in your Major-Prescribed Electives basket. Yes, it is the STARS War, the war of course registration. The additional 8 AUs is meant for the TWO (2) HY4000 level courses should you not be eligible for FYP. NTU School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Students can then choose from a range of prescribed electives in their interests. My reply is a little late but quoting what you said "NTU website stated that is very unlikely your appeal will success if you appeal for a course that you have been rejected" - Materials Engineering was my first choice and I was rejected, however I managed to … Use NTU’s Content of Courses and study it like the bible. 5) Click on the radio button that best describes the problem that you had faced during subject registration; it will automatically lead to the appeal submission screen. You are strongly encouraged to make use of the uploading feature as it saves cost and … Nanyang Business School. The instructions below will only apply if you are submitting the application after your first semester of study. Applied last year and failed to get in. Note: Core, GER Core and major Prescribed Elective (PE) courses are listed together under the respective programme in the class schedule. We also partnered the National Arts Council to run a Chinese creative writing residencies programme. Course Catalogue; Course Coordi nators List Course Exemption (DIP & PI) Course Exemption (Freshmen) Final Year Course Structure Final Year Course Structure (2018 Cohort onwards) Final Year Project Replacement Courses In that case, you can just choose, submit and relax. If you cannot remember your password, click here to reset it. Theres no link to submit additional docs but u … Application procedures are available at Change of Programme.. For more information, visit the course website. Academic Appeals Procedure. Information on normal workload and overloading . The Academic Appeals Procedures describe the ways in which students may make representation about decisions made by Boards of Examiners on their academic performance and progress. You may submit multiple appeals but only the last online appeal received by the closing date of the online appeal exercise will be considered. Email request to waive restrictions and/register courses will not be administered. :) Alumni, Professors and Admin … Of course, any testimonials or certificate which you feel are relevant to the course you are applying will definitely be helpful. NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine. When rejected, you appeal thru the appeal portal where u select the course you want to appeal and do a short write up abt why u wanna appeal 50-100 words. Want to try again this year, a few concerns; no prior education (studied film in poly), a passing GPA of 3.31, application for NTU doesn't ask for work portfolio/testimonials and the only way to be recognised at all (to score a place for INTERVIEW) is through academic records. Third Year Course Structure (AY2020-21) Third Year Elective Briefing Slides; Professional Internship ; PI Briefing Slides; Final Year. Course Exemptions; Course Registration; Course Summary; Curriculum; Declaration of Minor & S/U Option; Examinations; Exchange Programmes; Final Year Project; Forms; Internship; List of Recommended Textbooks; … If you are an existing NTU final year undergraduate student, or if you have graduated from an NTU full-time undergraduate or the Nottingham Law School GDL after 1 July 2015, and you enrol onto a Nottingham Law School full-time, part-time, or distance learning Professional Course, you are eligible to receive a £1,000 tuition fee reduction. Explore the entire course list here, organised by area of interest as well as by type of programme. I don't think there is a post on appeal outcomes yet. Hey guys! The course must be done in groups, containing students from more than 1 School. For successful applicants, they must not be concurrently holding a full-time student pass from other Universities or institutions while studying part-time at NTU. ​NTU Academic Unit … Partner universities must nominate you to NTU via our nomination portal. The Course Appeal Form is available via https://qrgo.page.link/8nbZA.

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